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Cinergy T²

With the Cinergy T² you can receive all free digital terrestrial TV broadcasts (DVB-T) on your desktop or notebook PC using the included antenna. The Cinergy T² connects directly to a USB 2.0 port and also draws its power from the port. Separate power adapters or batteries are not required.

Cinergy 400 TV mobile

The perfect TV solution for your notebook computer!
TV wherever and whenever you want? Consider it done with the Cinergy 400 TV mobile! A quick slip of the wrist and your laptop is converted into a mobile video screen – stereo sound, teletext and hard drive video recorder included.

Aureon 5.1 PCI

The Aureon 5.1 PCI offers everything you need to achieve perfect sound. With up to 6 (5.1) channels for connecting 2, 4 or 6 loudspeakers and top-quality recording and playback at up to 48 kHz. Optical digital inputs and outputs guarantee lossless recordings and the right connection for DVD, DAT or MiniDisc recorders.

Premium Video Editing Solutions for Everyone: TerraTec Announces a Strategic Alliance with Ulead Systems

When two technology companies join forces, customers stand to benefit. And when hardware and software are perfectly synchronized, users are free to pursue their creative urges. For precisely this reason, the multimedia vendor TerraTec has forged a strategic alliance with the software specialist Ulead Systems.

Cinergy 250 USB - Analog TV via USB 2.0

The Cinergy 250 USB lets you watch antenna and broadband cable TV broadcasts on your desktop or notebook PC and digitize your videos. For all its features, this mobile TV solution is no larger than a pack of cigarettes and weighs a mere 65 grams. It connects directly to your USB2.0 port, which also serves as its power supply — a separate AC adapter or batteries are not required.

Cameo Convert 800

Cameo Convert 800 and the full version of VideoStudio 8 are the complete solution for editing your videos like a pro. Use the high quality external converter to capture analogue and digital movies via notebook and PC. Let your creativity direct the show – easy usability and many clever functions support you in making your final cuts effortlessly. Now you can transfer your movies both to analogue and digital devices or directly burn them to DVD or Video-CD. All these steps can be realised in realtime – this means less waiting and more time for creating!

Aureon 7.1 FireWire

It's already clear from the futuristic metal housing with its control knobs lit in orange and blue LEDs: TerraTec's Aureon 7.1 FireWire is setting a clear course for the future. Its styling and technology make the external 7.1 surround sound system the right choice for serious gamers, home musicians and home theater owners that want the full impact of their DVD movies with impressive surround sound.